God has blessed us so much in the past sixteen years. We began as a Home Missions Work and have since seen over 480 souls baptized. We have seen many ministries established; nursing home, Outreach, Apostolic Troopers, Hands of Praise, Power Hour, Mini Praise, hospitality, altar ushers, DVD ministry, balloon ministry and many more.

     We are actively involved in foreign and home missions.  We have taken trips to Mexico, Israel, Africa and Philippines. We have an ongoing home bible study program as well as a leadership teaching series. 

New Life Apostolic Church is a widely diverse body of believers. Our vision is to have a coat of many colors, for God is not a respecter of person. New Life is a place where people can start again. It is a place where God is allowed to move spontaneously. Individuals are encouraged to worship within their own personality and to feel free to come to the altar during a service at any time. 

A common expression from visitors, “I felt God as soon as I walked through the doors”. Many have been tremendously blessed on their initial visit. God is reaching out to all walks of life. e have people attending our services from all over Texas. 

Please come and experience New Life!
New Life Apostolic Church | 4712 E. Rancier Avenue Killeen Texas  25618-5223
Pastor & Sister Abby White
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